Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Pictures!

I posted some new pictures on my photography blog if you want to check them out! :)

I love Christian's newest Lightroom Presets available at Catscrap!! I used them mostly in these pictures!! See them here .

Drive-In Movie with a Twist...

I have only been to one drive-in movie, and I LOVED it! I would love to take the girls to one, but this is a fun alternative that is FREE!!!! We just dragged the tv outside, ordered pizza, popped popcorn, and had icecream/ popsicles. :) Totally weird and crazy fun!!! (Actually, the first movie was a flop, but we switched to Sponge Bob and it was great! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

End of School/ Beginning of Summer pics

Kylie and Alison @ the Recognition Breakfast- Star Students!! :)

Rock climbing wall for the last day
First day of summer vacation... we went to the
creation museum with daddy, andy, susan, and family

kylie doesn't know that a dinosaur is about to eat her...
watching one of the many movies at the museum
waiting with daddy is always interesting
camel kisses...lol
a donkey and zebra mix!
if you visit cincinnati, you have to eat at skyline!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I want to win!! :)

Check out the cool things being given away today!!! :)

gourmet doggie treats!

I just found these! And, I think that we have all the ingredients! Ha! The girls would love that they could make treats for the dog (and they're cheap!!!) and create their own shapes! Then, we could even make a little package for grandma's dog too!

one of my favorite sites...

This is an awesome place for all sorts of ideas!!! I love it!!!
And, there's a big give-away today too!! Here's the info:
Tip Junkie is 2 years old! To celebrate as well as feature some of the amazing women who have joined the Mom-prenuer Shops, I have set up the Going Dot Com Birthday Bash where there will be 10 winners every day this week! Click on the first image to go check it out!!! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday Moms Rock!!!

I just have to say, when I start looking at the tins on Monday (or whatever day we end up doing ours), I get so side-tracked! These moms are awesome resources for cool ideas! I love what people come up with, and we usually end up doing something fun because of it!

Here's something that I found today Apple Pie in a Jar!
I think I would do cherry and could make an apple crisp or something so that it would be lighter in fat (using Splenda brown sugar and sugar free pie filling). I love that she puts a ribbon on it and gives it away to the neighbors!!! Filing this away for a rainy day (like this whole week!)

Here's something that I found one day while surfing around the mom sites, but I can't remember where I found it... Someone had saved old coffee grinds to let the kids play in... then put them on the garden. The girls (especially Ari who also loved sniffing them) had a great time, and Kylie enjoyed putting them around the plants. :) Who would have thought that something so simple could be so much fun?!

Ari decided to go over and check out the tree. Then, they started climbing it. Then, the best part... they discovered the sticky sap stuff... Then, they collected it... :)

The girls washed up and decorated their summer bags (got this idea from someone too and modified it with some canvas bags from Hobby Lobby ($4 but you can also wait until a sale). I love the pockets on these ones! They can use them at the library or for times when we have to wait somewhere. :) Like tomorrow at Weight Watchers! :) I was really impressed with Ari's ability to stay in the lines with the nail polish on the stamps! She's really pretty crafty- I hadn't noticed this before! Kylie wanted to do it all on her own and quickly- so fun how differently they craft! She is so creative and artistic! :)

We used all sorts of stuff from around the house... nail polish (our house was full of fumes! whew!), acrylic paint, left over glitter paint, stencils from teaching, stamps left over from regular scrapbooking, and some iron ons that we never ironed on! lol!

Lowes Has Free Projects for Kids!!!

Check this out!!!

I signed the girls up for both of the classes! They will love it!! They provide tools and even give them an apron and goggles and teach them how! :) I found this thanks to the muffin tin website!!! Thanks!! Oh, and Home Depot has projects for kids too! :) I liked these more, but they were nice too!!

Muffin Tin Monday and Summer Officially Begins!!!

Ok, I got confused... I thought it was "copy cat week" this week, but it was actually "No Theme". Either way, our theme started with "Dump Trucks" and somehow ended up being "Making World-Winning Recipes"! Just goes to show that kids will come up with stuff that you would have never thought up! And, they loved it!! :)

I decided to copy this one from Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile. Her theme was about trucks. So, she filled the tin with stuff to load in a dump truck and "wheels".

Here are some pictures from our lunch...

I thought we would just improvise (because we don't have any dump trucks). So, I just got out some Lego vehicles, some string, and a clip that they could "haul things" with. Well, Kylie started out by doing this and then just rabbit trailed into dumping ingredients together. Then, the girls and I shared our "recipes" with each other. If the other two liked the recipe and gave it a thumbs up, it became a "World-Winning Recipe". It's amazing what they thought was good! The ingredients that they had to work with were: marshmellows, bacon bits (later for my recipe, i got these out), cheetos, raisins, crackers, Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese (which was new to all of us, and we all LOVED it!!! only 1 point for 1 wedge!!!), and cashews. I think this would definitely be a fun Muffin Tin to repeat with other "ingredients"!!

Today, we went over to one of the school's playgrounds. We love this one because it has moths to chase and an AWESOME playground! The best thing is that we have it ALL to OURSELVES!!! :) After our nap, we are going to decorate canvas bags for each of the girls to take their stuff in this summer and to use at the library... :)