Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Proud Mommy Time

Ok, just to let you know how proud I am.... I had to go and buy the Cheer Mom teeshirt and sweatshirt and decal for my mini van. I haven't actually gotten my decal yet, but I'm so excited!!! It will have Kylie's name on it, and now I will have graduated to a mom with a mini van decal for the sport that her kid plays!!! :) All that being said, Kylie is a Wee Bucks Cheerleader. Soon, she will have her whole tiny uniform (just like the big kids), and I can't wait to see her cheer her first football game!!! They had a cheerleading camp 2 weeks ago, and they practiced a 1/2 time cheer to perform at the end of the week. On the side, I have uploaded the video for you to see. Kylie was very bothered by the sun and bee that was on the flowers beside her. :) So, enjoy... it's pretty funny to watch!!! They moves are far from synchronized, but they were pretty adorable!! :) Oh, and her little friend is the girl to the far left in the front. :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

2 Birthdays!!!

I keep meaning to update my blog, but I just keep putting it off. There are a lot of fun things to share about our summer; so, I'm determined to do at least some of it now!!
First, Kylie turned 6 on the 13th and 2 on the 11th (her spiritual birthday)! So, I have been taking some pictures of her and wanted to share some of my favorites:

I am going to try to have her Ohio birthday party tomorrow night. She wants a solar system cake. So, we will see if mommy can accomplish that! It has to have some aliens too.... I was thinking we could make some stars covered in foil and get some blue streamers and some star balloons. She mentioned a pinata. I am trying to learn to just relax and enjoy and realize that they won't even notice if it isn't perfect. Really, kids just want to see the people they love and eat frosting and icecream and blow out candles!! I am giving myself a pep talk here. Can you tell?!! :) Be back with more later!!