Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun Weekend

This weekend was really nice. We went to Nicole's house to bring her some food on Friday. Her surgery went well. The girls played with bubbles after supper while we watched. It's so neat to see how happy a bottle of bubbles can make little kids!!
Then, on Saturday, we were thinking to go to the zoo, but it was supposed to thunderstorm later. So, we went to the playground. There is a perfect, quiet one over by one of the schools. So, it was just our family. We had a picnic

and played with the girls.

I tried to climb the monkeybars like Ari, but I am not as brave. I got stuck up there because I'm so afraid of heights. When I asked Jas to help me, he decided that it was just too funny to not get a picture of. So, instead of helping, he ran clear over to the other set of playground equipment to get my camera.... DORK!!! My legs were hurting by the time he got back; and then, instead of just a picture, he was taking a video! So mean!!! If you want to see the embarassing video, you can click on it on the side....(There's a YouTube video bar there.) We had fun on the swings. Jas would push me and run under the swing like we did when we were kids. We put the kids on our laps and swung together.
Ari said, "I wish there was another Daddy like you. Because you are so fun."
This picture is to get Jas back for the video!! :)

Sunday, we took Christina to church, and it was entertaining as usual to listen to the crazy chatter in the van! And, HELLO is working again!!!!! Ann and I got to chat and send LOs back and forth... life is back to normal!!! I sent Mom about 1,600 pictures over Hello so that she could see everyone. It was so nice to have it back!!! Oh, and we are starting to look for a vacation!!! WOO HOOOOOO!!!

Here are some new LOs from me:

Using MK Designs Puppy in Town Kit and various alphas, stiches, and string from Syrin, Birgit, and Madame Mim at Catscrap:

Using Summer Breezes from Birgit @ Catscrap and a template from Taylor Made @ Oscraps:

Using mostly Pri Rocha's Punky Girl @ Digi Chick:

Using cardstocks from Cinnamon @ The Digi Chick, Build with Doodles from Scarletheels Media @ Digi Chick, and Jofia's Need some Water and Diamond rain also @ TDC:

From JM Designs @ LDD (Tiny Jewels and French Country):

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well- preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: Wow.... What a ride !!!"

I got this quote from a forwarded email from my aunt. I love it!! I want to be like that! I want to have Jesus say, "Well done" to me when I get to heaven.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Totally cute book!!!

Our children's librarian introduced us to Skippy jon Jones a week or so ago!!! Ari, Kylie, and I are in love!! These are some of the cutest read- aloud books! He is a little kitty who wants to be a Chihuahua. So, he imagines himself as this Spanish speaking (or at least he tries to speak Spanish by adding -ito to words) doggie named El Skippito Friskito the great sword fighter. He enters this imaginary land through his closet door!! You can see some of the books on Amazon.... The CDs that have the author reading the story are awesome!! They help you to know how to sing the little songs inside the book. :) Today, we are off to the library to try to find more!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hello... I'm back!!

Lots of random things to share... First, Dagmar (from Catscrap) has a blog! She always cracks me up; so, I really hope that she keeps blogging! Here's the link: . I also put it on the side of my blog. Next, for all the scrappers.... you HAVE to check out Shabby Pickle!! They have some awesome stuff!! Oh, and sign up really quick for their newsletter because one of the designers said that there would be a free collab kit with the first newsletter!! And, with all that talent, you wouldn't want to miss it!! Let's see.... one funny story about Ari!! We were outside, and Jas asked her if she wanted to hold the grandaddy longlegs (spider) that he had caught. She is terrified of spiders! In fact, she has a cry/scream that I actually recognize as "the spider cry". Anyway, she wasn't going to hold it, but I thought that I would show her that they were ok. I am the origin of her fear of spiders after all. Well, after I held it, she readily agreed. So, it crawled up and down her arms and she giggled so hard! She loved him just like she instantly loves worms, rollie pollies (also known as holy pollies or bug balls), ants, and pretty much all things nature! I had to get a camera and I actually caught her saying the funniest thing on video! She said, "I think he wants to go up my spout." lol!!
Anyway, in other news... My cousin's two boys Lee and Sam just asked Jesus into their hearts this month!! It made me SO happy to hear that!!! Only one more of our babies to go... and he's too little right now! :) Welcome to God's family, boys!! My Uncle John (their grandpa) who went to be with Jesus on Christmas Day last year, would be so happy!! Hooray!!! And, I am on day 2 of my Weight Watchers Diet. I am just counting points on my own and not joining. Jas is dieting too, but not counting points. And, Ann, my online friend, is on it too! So, hopefully, soon, I will have some thinner pictures to share!! :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Feefs" come down "Timmys"

I learned this valuable piece of info from Ari a couple weeks ago. One night, she was talking about feefs and timmys, and finally Jas got what she was saying! It was so funny! Apparently, "feefs" (thiefs) come down "timmys" (chimneys). Grandma has a timmy and there are lots of timmys in PA so there are also more feefs there than in Ohio! Gotta love the logic there! We also found out that Jas isn't a feef because he has a car. This same info about chimneys and theifs was repeated by Kylie later the next day; so, I think we know where this idea originated from. :)

Here's my little Kindergarten Grad!!