Friday, January 18, 2008

Goodies from Prima Hybrid!

Here's a LO using Weeds and Wildflowers' new stuff at- Prima Hybrid !!! This kit (A Breath of Fresh Air) will be available soon!! The corduroy paper is there right now. Here's a link for the new store:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Here are some new pages that I have made recently. Jas helped me design the first 2 on here. It was fun to try some new looks.

Here is one of Kylie's eyes. I used Cinzia's new Floral Graffiti papers from Digital Freebies and Catrine's wordart from Catscrap.

Here's one of Kylie eating snow. I used Madame Mim's new cardstocks from Catscrap.
This one is made from Cinzia's Urban Grunge Kit at Digital Freebies.

Here's a LO using Monica Larsen's Floralis and Temptation from Scrapping Scandi Style.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Superheroes Live Here!

To be a proper superhero, you have to wear these fuzzy socks and...

...put on a stylish dishtowel (aka cape).

Then, do superhero things- like putting your hands up in the air!

Of course, you also fly and make cool sound effects!

You must also save the world (aka- stuffed animals)!

Superheroes must never let other superheroes go to the bathroom alone.

They might need help remembering how to do it!

After going to the potty, it's right back to saving the world!

Sometimes, you have to strike cool poses so that you can look really awesome in the comic book that you will be staring in! (aka Mom's scrapbook pages)

Next, you lift huge boulders like they were tiny beanbags!
You toss them because they are no match for you!
Sometimes superheroes have wardrobe malfunctions. But, that doesn't stop them for long!
Thanks to our superheroes, the house is safe... and just a little messy!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Smash the computer!!!!

*Cue the music from Looney Toons- "Kill the Wabbit" (just substitute computer for rabbit)

Ok, I know that you are thinking... why is this video tipped sideways?!!! Well, if you only knew the blood, sweat, and tears that went into getting this sideways video on here, you would be proud of me! I used You Tube for the first time. Then, I put the video on here, but it kept playing other people's videos too. GRRRR!! I couldn't get them off of there no matter what I tried. I have spent a very large part of my day getting this on LOVE it! LOL!!!! Ok, I'm not really laughing right now, but I might years from now when I have calmed down.

This is a video of Ari saying part of Luke 2.
*smiling sweetly as if I'm not at all angry* :)

Ok, I guess that people haven't been able to view this on my blog- sorry. :(
Here is the link to my video at You Tube.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Gotta check out the great new word art at Funky Playground Designs! SCARLETHEELSMedia has two really cool sets out right now! I made a page using the friendship one. Here's a link:

Sunday, January 6, 2008

NEW Photo Journal BLOG

I just started my journal for this year. I used to keep a diary, but blogging seems to fit me better now. I heard about the Photo-A-Day project from Emily Powers at ScrapArtist. She is doing this project with her husband, and I love to look at their pictures. I am going to give this idea a try. On the side, I have a link above the picture from my new blog. It is called 365 Moments . The links to Emily Power's blogs are under my Blog List on the sidebar if you want to look at her's too. Here is the link: I have also added some other new favorite blogs to my list if you want to check them out. Lots of Love!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This year I took pictures of some of the ornaments that have been special since we were little at Mom and Dad's. They are probably the most worn out and ugly ones, but they are treasured.

Credits: Michelle Coleman's Frosted Kit, Christina Renee's Miniatures, and the alpha from Whimsical Wonderland:
"Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain."


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! These are some pictures from yesterday before and after going down the road to see family. WHEW!! I am ready for things to slow down and for us all to get back to a routine! We got a lot of snow during the night, and so Kylie has a snow day! Kylie was happy to get one more day of vacation. I am glad that she didn't have to be sad. She told me that she would really miss me when she went to school today. I was afraid that there would be tears. :( Now, I get to put that off until tomorrow. Poor things... Christmas and New Years is so tiring! They just need some normalicy! :) Today, is all about just relaxing and going no where!!!