Friday, April 16, 2010

What Am I Going to Be?

I remember feeling overwhelmed with what I should do or go my senior year... Then, for 3 years, I was perfectly content and happy, knowing that I was where I should be teaching... I loved it... Then, I became a full time mom, totally happy with what I was and loving it... But, it was also a difficult decision at the time... Now, I am coming up to another stage... Should I go back to school and teach a bit again with great benefits and the ability to travel/ pay off the house after the first year? (But that's all really scary to go back to school and interview!) Should I get a part time temporary type job without as much money, but a little less preparation- still fear of the finding it part? Or, should I just volunteer and work around the house? Or, should I pursue photography- also scary because I don't know how to start a buisness? Yikes!!! I am so unsure and lost and scared... need to pray!!!