Friday, April 25, 2008


This week has been amazing!! So warm and sunny!!! Today turned out good even though rain was in the forcast! My friend and I have gone for looooong walks (Yes, we have been one of the many people that appear all excited about losing weight when the weather starts getting nice. The sidewalks are full of sunny day exercisers and moms that are VERY ready to get their kids outside after the winter hibernation!) I went to get our yearly pool the other day. This poor guy had to dig out the only pink one only to find that it had a hole in the bottom. Now tell me why it is still there?! Who wants a hole in the bottom of their brand new plastic pool? So, we went with the blue and crammed in the back of the mini van. I LOVE MINI VANS! They are the best mom invention in the world! I also found PINK sand!!! The girls turned this into "icecream" and the fun lasted for at least an hour or more.... Thank you, Crayola for thinking of dyeing the sand (and for not making it dye clothes too!)

Here are some LOs from this month:
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

There's a party in heaven!!

Born into God's family on April 11, 2008!!!!

Yesterday, before our nap, Ari said, "I want to have Jesus in my heart." She has been talking about this quite a bit lately and always gets upset that she doesn't have Jesus in her heart. But, this time, she brought it up out of the blue and never switched the subject. We talked a little bit about why she wanted to do this and what it meant. Then, I asked if she would like to ask Him into her heart, and she said yes! She asked me to help her pray. She said that she wanted me to go to heaven with her. I think that she thought she would be going immediately after she was saved. :) I was glad that she wanted me to go with her. :) I am just so full of happiness writing this right now!! I always thought it would be so awesome to lead at least one of my children to Jesus, but I was blessed to pray with both of my girls!!! What a happy day!! Jas had the best birthday present ever!! It's so amazing to imagine the party that is going on in heaven for my little girl!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ari's thoughts on Doughnuts...

The other day, Ari and I were eating lunch, and I made the mistake of eating a doughnut hole... (If I eat one, that only leads to eating more and more and more.... ok, the rest of the box!!!) While eating them, Ari said, "Doughnuts are not good for you." I agreed, and she said, "But we could pretend they are!" Now, that is the way to enjoy doughnuts!! :)