Monday, February 18, 2008


Well, we are starting to feel better around our house! Jas doused everything with Lysol a couple days ago to kill off whatever got us. Now.... we huddle in fear waiting for the next illness to attack! It snowed tonight; so, maybe Kylie will have a delay. If not, Ari and I are going to venture out into civilization tomorrow!!!! *picture us covering our eyes as we are blinded by daylight* We will grab some Kroger germs from the cart to bring home with the groceries. Then, we should be feeling back to normal (which means sick in our home) again soon. HA! Lots of Love to everyone!! Beware of the germs!

Friday, February 8, 2008


Tonight, Jas took me out on a date for my birthday. I really love sushi! Usually, I eat what I call the sissy kind- the spicy tuna rolls and the spicy salmon rolls. They are wrapped up in rice and not scary. But, tonight, I felt adventuous. So, I went for it and ordered a plate of sushi and sashimi (is that how you spell it?)! It was a large plate filled with all sorts of stuff (and I had no idea what any of it was!) How fun is that?! Anyway, I asked the waitress if she could tell me what everything was, and it included California rolls (sissy sushi), salmon, red snapper, and tuna with rice under them (less sissy), and the same kinds of sashimi in squares-all alone (daring!) Ok, anyway, it was all AWESOME. Once, Jas took a Japanese customer to eat here, and he taught Jas how to eat it. So, we mixed up a concoction of soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi (which will clear out your sinuses fast by the way) to dip it in. Oh my goodness! I told Jas I hope that there is sushi in heaven!

After eating, we went to the video game store (for about 5 seconds-guys are fast shoppers). Then, we went to Half Price Books (for about 1 hour-I'm not so fast). I would love to work there some day along with Starbucks and Barnes and Noble and Halmark and... on and on. There are so many little jobs that I want to have, I would have to have 2 lifetimes to try them all out. I think that most of the jobs would be just to support my habits and satisfy my curiosity. Like the book store would just trade my paycheck for the pile of books that I want. And, Starbucks would give me coffee in exchange for me working (and learning how to make all that good stuff). Halmark would trade laughs and scrapbooking inspiration for my time. ETC....
Here is a funny picture. Kylie and Ari are doing "freezer time". And no, it's not some form of child abuse or weird punishment. lol. They both have croup right now (They sound like a couple of seals barking). So, in order to calm the cough we do "freezer time". Don't they look cute?

And, here is my sicky blowing her nose. She puts A LOT of effort into it as you will see! :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Prince Charming

Once upon a time there was a guy. He was a normal guy who did normal guy things. Then, he became a dad to two little princesses. At the beginning, he did guy things with his first princess. He tossed her around, picked on her, and wrestled with her. However, as time wore on,something began to happen to him. His little princesses began to dress him up in royal attire.

They gave him pedicures and...

... taught him to dance.
He was mothered a lot! They made him take his vitamins. They packed his lunch and told him which order to eat it in- healthy stuff first, of course! And, they helped him to feel better when he was sick. (Well, at least they tried to!)

They gave him makeovers...

...and taught him how to snuggle, kiss, and say cute little girly words. Pretty soon, this guy had become a real softy. His heart had turned to mush, and he was easily manipulated. He was only a fraction of his original self. .....And, I am proud of the sweet daddy that he was and will always be! We love you, Jas!